By : Garima Pandey

November 1st 2017

Food Tour Destinations of Jaipur

Visiting Pink city, Jaipur, only for its iconic destinations and sightseeing like Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and other tourist places in Jaipur like forts is only half task accomplished, the other half incorporates yummy mouth-watering sumptuous Jaipur food. Some of the famous Jaipur foodstuffs that you might have heard of are classics like ghevar , hot cream filled lassi, yummy hot pyaaz kachori, delicious daal baati choorma, sweet kulfi, luscious gate ki sabzi, exquisite Missi roti, heavenly bajra roti, edible lehsun chutney and many more appetizing and delightful dishes that are lovely and pleasant to taste. So, if you are in Jaipur, exploring the iconic landmarks, then will be a perfect chance to awaken the foodie inside you by following this Jaipur food guide of some of the top and finest Jaipur food destinations :

1. Lassiwala

Lassi is one of the most served and highly popular in India as far as food tour is concerned. It is a drink originated and popular in the state of Punjab. But food tour in Jaipur should start with a refreshing glass of lassi and Lassiwala is the place to enjoy the glass of Lassi. They are specialized in the field of Lassi making since 1944. Served in earthen pots, this creamy lassi is a sureshot way to experience paradise. Make sure you don’t end up in some other lassi shop while Jaipur sightseeing as there are many lassi shops beside the original lassi wala. You need to be at the accurate place to enjoy the creamy yogurt lassi which can be found only at Lassiwala.

2. Rawat Misthan Bhandar

The Rawat Misthan Bhandar is one of the famous tourist places in Jaipur and is located near the bus stand (Sindhi Camp), known for its sweets and snacks. Some the appetizing snacks include crispy and salty Pyaaz kachori, flavorsome ghewar and mawa kachori. If you crave traditional halwai dishes for breakfast or desire an evening snack, Rawat Misthan Bhandar will certainly offer you a mouth watery delight in this food tour.

3. Indian Coffee House

Masala chai is a standard drink of Jaipur, but if you are in love with the coffee, peculiarly with the traditional Indian refreshing coffee, then Indian Coffee House on MI road, is where you need to be for your next sip of coffee, while on Jaipur sightseeing. A place for coffee lovers and you can also get a taste of their famous cutlets, dosas, toasts and a wide variety of other snacks and beverages. Jaipur food tour is incomplete with a coffee from Indian Coffee House.

4. Jal Mahal Ice cream Parlor

Being in Jaipur will anyway make you crave for an ice-cream and Jal Mahal Ice cream parlor is the place to go during Jaipur sightseeing. Situated right opposite to the famous Jaipur food hub Lassiwala. Jal Mahal is seasoned in all kinds of ice creams especially sundaes. Other specialization includes Italian shakes, ice cream pizzas and ice cream pastries and cakes. The extremely popular Jal Mahal brings a wide variety of flavors to try out but it would take some more visits to try them all out. Tourist places for Jaipur sightseeing include Jal Mahal Palace which is different from Jal Mahal Ice cream Parlour.

5. Chawla’s PaniPuri and Nand’s Golgappa

So, if you planning to head towards famous Jaipur fashion street while visiting tourist places in Jaipur, Chawla’s Panipuri or Nand’s Golgappa (located across to each other) is a shopper stop to try on some mouth-watering golgappe and pani puri, sweets and other chat items. It is a must visit destination on the Jaipur food tour list.

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