By : Boban John

October 5th 2017

Travel Guide to Puri

Puri is considered as one of the spiritual places of india. A large number of travellers from every part of the country visit Puri for sightseeing or as pilgrimage to Worship Lord Jagannath. This splendid spot is known for its art and culture and tourists can witness the true beauty of India while exploring Puri. Puri is amongst the three main cities of Orissa other two being Konark and Bhubaneshwar which together are known as Golden Triangle of Orissa. Puri is one of the major reasons for tourists attraction in the state of Orissa, because of its natural and vivid beauty.

Puri is a place for all kinds of people, be it people searching for solitude or festive enthusiast, this coastal city of Orissa is an amalgamation of all. This travel guide has some of the the best places to visit in Puri :

1. Jagannath Temple

Jagannath temple is the most famous spiritual destinations for tourists from all over India and also considered as one of the char dhams by the Hindus. The Jaganath Temple is believed to be the residence of Lord Jagannath and every Hindu is expected to visit this Holy Sanctum at least once in his lifetime. The temple is located in a huge landmark and covers an area of around 400,000 square feet. The place is surrounded by 20 feet high walls known as Meghanada Pacheri. The Sudarshan chakra along with the idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Madanmohan, Sridevi and Vishwadhatri are situated here. The idols are clothed and jewelled depending on the season and festival. This place is a must visit for all the Puri travellers and divine spark of the place will surely uplift your Spirit.

2. Balighai Beach

The Balighai beach is located beautifully near river Nuanai, around 10 Kilometers away from Puri. The sunrise and sunset is the one thing you don't want to miss out and it adds to the beauty of the place. It is less crowded compared to the main beach at Puri. The 10 km drive from puri to the Balighai beach will surely make you fall in love with pure breeze and scenic attractions on the way. The place also offers a great deal of opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts as well with its Sea Turtle Research Center and the Balihirana sanctuary. The beach is a perfect spot for family vacations ,sunrise and sunset is something you should never miss while your visit to this beach.

3. Chilika Lake

Chilika is located at a distance of 40Km from Puri and is the largest salt lake in Asia. It is famous with different wide varieties of birds which flies and dances in the sky and is most preferred among bird watchers. The birds migrate in thousands from Afghanistan, Russia, Mongolia and other parts of India during the winters. Dolphins are also major attractions, if you hire a boat out to Satpara Island. This place is a great hangout spot for family vacations and the scenic beauty and natural splendor will surely bring a big smile to your face. Turn your boat to Nalabana Island if you want to see countless birds flying on top of you and this is something which you will remember always and a fun way to entertain your children. This place is a must visit for all travellers and surely the beauty of this place is really something to admire.

4. Craft Villages

Raghurajpur craft villages are nearby to Puri and just a small drive will lead you there. There are variety of things to explore in this region like local handicrafts, handlooms, craft bazaar which is created by talented people residing in nearby villages. This place is also famous for textiles apart from that there is Pipli village which also showcases famous works of handicrafts and textiles. The traditional art form of Orissa, Pata Chitra is famous in this place and visited by numerous tourists from around the world. This place is a must visit if you want to witness some of the major Orissa crafts and for sure you will fall in love with this place.

5. Puri Beach Festival

Puri beach festival is one the major events held at the beach from 23rd - 29th November every year. The Festival is similar to a carnival which includes Food stuffs, Crafts and Scenic beauty. The Festival welcomes tourists from all over the world and mostly organised by Hoteliers and restaurateurs who hosts certain kinds of entertaining activities. The seven days of the festival is honoured with dance, bands and parades with food and crafts along along the aisle. Tourists can also indulge in activities like sports mostly water, sand art and other events like workshops on photography and theatre. This party stays on for a week and this is something you surely cannot afford to miss. So, make sure you attend the beach Festival on your visit to Puri.

Puri is a very quiet place with amazing natural environment. Its sea beach is among the best sea beaches in India. Puri is a travel destination cum pilgrimage spot.The sea beach of Puri is amongst the best beaches of India. It is also known for its temples and pilgrims come in a large number from all walks of life just to have a glimpse of pleasant temples and scenic beauties.

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