By : Boban John

September 12th 2017

Top 5 restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered as social downtown and a commercial business destination, considered as one of the fastest developing cities of India. Usually known as the “Silicon Valley” of India, the metropolis has an ample number of globally famed start-ups entrepreneurs who have settled in this amazing city from different parts of the world, integrating with them some of the best culinary dishes which are awe- inspiring and will surely elevate your mood. Let's check out some of the finest restaurants of Bangalore you must visit. So, here we bring you the top 5 restaurants in Bangalore you should absolutely try :

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper offers customers with a blend of the top meals and innovative ambiance inside. The ideal place for a leisurely, relaxant meal away from the hustle of city living, Grasshopper is located on the farm – an attractive decision for people living in the city. The outer gourmet region is enclosed by a lovely green garden and frequently has lively songs, making it highly comfortable for diners to devote hours sipping drinks and having meals, while lost in this serene tranquil atmosphere.

Location : Grasshopper, 45 Kalena Agrahara, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India,

Phone: +91 80 2659 3999

2. Karavalli

Karavalli at The Gateway, Hotel features to offer one of the best dining experiences and also listed as one of the best Hotels of the Asia by San Pellegrino Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants. Guests and visitors from several places have the option to taste on a wide range of South Indian delights. Seafood includes massively on the menu, and there are a variety of vegan choices too.

Location: Karavalli Restaurant, Gateway Hotel No. 66, Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India,

Phone: +91 80 6660 4545

3. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is a connoisseur in hot meats, seafood, and vegan delights. A griller is integrated into every table so that visitors can prepare their starters himself depending on his taste. Paneer tikka lazawab, the barbecue prawns, and the kadhai paneer are the dishes which should be tried for sure if you visit Barbeque Nation.

Location: Barbeque Nation, 86 1st Cross Lane, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka, India,

Phone : +91 80 6060 0001

4. Cafe Thulp!

The most preferred haunt destination amidst natives, Café Thulp! Is known for serving the awesome burgers in Bangalore. The deliciously made steak burgers are most selling and are provided with a mixture of toppings, varying from the common to the swashbuckling wide varieties. Retain it plain with a beefy patty, or with something outlandish, examine the Gonz esh Wara hamburger, which consists of a fish fillet steak draped in bacon, with added cheese and an egg. Vegans are also greeted, with mouth watering choices like the falafel veggie burger, tofu burger and the tender sweet corn.

Location: Cafe Thulp!, 998 1st Main Road, 1st Block, Cauvery Colony, Koramangala, Bangalore, India,

Phone: +91 80 2548 7788

5. The Royal Afghan

The Royal Afghan inside The Windsor Hotel offers guests best of Afghan dishes with perfect ambiance and views of the starlit pool, the restaurant is famous for serving best dinner and attracts people from worldwide destinations. Their main focus is on genuine, traditionalistic culinarians from the North West boundary, the carte is full of vegetarian dishes, kebabs, dal Bukhara, Indian bread and some selected dishes roasted in a clay tandoor. Enquire the staff to provide the most appropriate wine with your order to make your dining graceful and to perfect the exquisite experience. The restaurant does not permit the entry of children under the age of 12.

Location: The Royal Afghan, 25 Windsor Square, ITC Windsor, Golf Course Road, Bangalore, India,

Phone: +91 80 2226 9898

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