By : Boban John

September 14th 2017

Top 10 travel tips

Travelling is a joy of the soul and an opportunity to discover and explore fresh things and places. We travel to feel the uniqueness of each places or country we visit from their food and to its culture.You travel when you sense the need to get out from the normal workaday ritual and to essentially perceive a shift in every aspect of life. But there are some things to be considered before beginning your travel journey to avoid last minute hustles and create some beautiful memories out of it.

So, here we present some of the top 10 travel tips to adhere to, and make your travelling experience seamless and perfect :

1. Make a check-List

This is one of the most important tip to be considered, a week before the trip begins as it won't let you forget things in your checklist. Make a note of all the items by writing it down on your mobile phone or on a piece of paper because making mental notes sometimes become to hard to remember, so, it's better to pen down on a list.

When you remember any item just right it down, even if that thing is not that important, you can cancel it after giving a thought when you are free, but writing down won’t cost anything rather it will help you to keep more options available.

2. Remember an Extra Camera Battery (or Two)

Take plenty of photos on your trip because they make the best souvenirs for creating memories. Just imagine the epic sunset and as you are about to click the camera battery is dead and you don’t have a substitute?! So, try to carry an additional battery or two for all the places you plan to travel so that the you don't miss creating memories.

3. Carry small First Aid Kit

First aid kit is an important thing to carry along while you are travelling because you never know what injury might take place during your journey. So, pack up a first aid kit with some medications that are necessary for daily usage like aspirin, Benadryl, cold meds, Tums, cough drops, bandages, Activated Charcoal pills. All this is important but also remember that prevention is better than cure and keeping a mini first aid backup is very essential.

4. Keep some backup cash

Always carry some extra cash separately i.e keep it aside and not in the same bag or wallet. This tip really helps when you run out of cash or estimated budget, sometimes ATM’s may not work either. So, this tip can really help you in managing and spending your money wisely.

5. Be open- minded

Never evaluate the lives of other people because each person is unique and different in his own way. Give all ears to opinions of other regardless of his caste, status or his background. Showing disrespect towards views of others is wrong and assuming they are wrong and you are right is not a mark of humble person. Stay humble and learn from others and you will be surprised by different possibilities, opportunities, suggestions and interests provided to you which will open your mind and the way you think.

6. Take a water bottle along

Carrying a water bottle is also necessary for keeping yourself hydrated and thirst- free during the journey. Moreover, it takes up less room in your backpack. So take a water bottle along to complete your checklist successfully.

7. Learn the skill of haggling

Haggling in very useful to save up some bucks. So, if you are planning to travel in a place which is new to you then chances are there that local vendors may charge you extra money. So the art of haggling may help you save some extra cash for your journey.

8. Study the tourist attractions nearby

A traveller should have a basic idea of the place where he is going to spend the next few days and what are some of the main landmarks, important marketplaces and other areas which calls for tourist attention. If you know how to play with compass that proves to be an added advantage.

9. Plan ahead Your Outfits

Most of the travellers are last- minute packers. So, keep stuffs that you can use for too long like a black t-shirt which can be worn for 2-3 days not worrying about getting dirty as compared to light coloured t-shirts. But try and put efforts to pack a day before so that you can wear some good outfits and carry less to avoid carrying a huge backpack.

10. Be careful of Free Public WIFI

Free public wi-fi can be a great help for travellers sometimes but logging into bank accounts or entering any passwords using public wi-fi can prove to be dangerous. But you need not be strict on yourselves while you are in your hotel room or places which uses passwords for using wi-fi’s.

Be aware of your surroundings and people around you and try not to get drunk while you are travelling or driving, then you will be safe and out of trouble in most places. If you feel you are lost somewhere then it is time to get a cab.

You will surely find travel is enjoyable and addictive. There is much to see and explore.

Good luck.

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