By : Boban John

October 24th 2017

Sacred, Clean and Hygienic Cities of India

With the launch of Swachh Bharat initiative around the major cities of India, we see people are coming forward towards clean India mission. It was the talk of the town for quite a long time and drastic changes could be seen when millionaires themselves came forward to clean rivers and cities. This has, in turn, resulted in more tourism opportunities in India. That was a proud moment for every Indian as a lot of sightseeing destinations were creating a good rapport amongst Indians and foreigners. The Swachh Bharat initiative is still on and the aim is to clean India fully from Head to Toe. It is our responsibility to keep our country clean and green.

This blog features some of the top clean places of India which is also a top sightseeing destination :


Temples of Khajuraho is a world heritage site and attracts travelers globally. The land has its own spiritual history, religion, culture and varied temples. The place is extremely hygienic and clean. Sometimes the place testifies heavy tourist traffic still you can witness the proper law and order with which this holy place is preserved.


Hassan is a small village in Bangalore, South India is known for its cleanliness and hygienic environment. Hassan is a must visit natural place filled with greenery all around with minimum pollution. Hassan is a place of cultural and historical importance. The temples and heritage site portrays culture and history vividly. UNESCO world heritage has ranked Belur Temple and the Chennakesava as a tourist site and people come to witness the widespread beauty of this place.


Vishakhapatnam is famous for port areas and industrialization, but this the place is not touched by any of these as far as its cleanliness is considered. This place also has space for spirituality along with solace with temples and beaches. The architectural heritage of the temples depicts the era in which it was built. Vizag is one such place of architectural and cultural importance. Tourist can be seen in clusters all around the year. This place is a must visit for all travelers planning to visit clean and sacred cities of India.


Indore is a place of rich architectural and cultural heritage. Making its place in the list of cleanest cities in India. Indore is awarded the first rank in the cleanest and hygienic cities of India and attracts numerous tourist from all around the world. The city offers some of the best street foods and is a must-visit tourist destination.


Andhra Pradesh is a renowned spiritual destination of India.Pilgrims from the world visit the city in large numbers. The Holy city has put effort to achieve cleanliness thereby making a place in the top 10 cleanest cities in India. Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, located in Tirupati is a famous pilgrimage destination for tourists from around the world. This place is a must visit for all who want to witness beauty and reverence through cleanliness and sacred shrines.

Swachh Bharat has surely made this country more beautiful adding beauty and hygiene to its rich and varied culture. Travel these clean cities of India and take the pledge to keep this city clean as a responsible citizen. Try and keep all forms of pollution as low as possible with best-known alternatives.

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