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September 8th 2017

Places to visit near Delhi

Delhi is one of the most populated cities in India and people from different boundaries of world come to Delhi for living a good lifestyle but in pursuit of materialistic needs, he has lost the natural touch with his enironment. So, we as human beings need some fresh air to breathe and also experience some spirtuality and adventure in life. So, if you have a weekend off or planning for a vacation in nearby places from Delhi, then we would suggest some best places you surely might want to visit and experience some adventure and spirituality at the same time therby connecting yourselves with the nature.


(Delhi to Rishikesh)

Rishikesh on the slopes of Himalaya mountains is the gateway of numerous prehistoric temples, favorite coffee house, yoga centers and adventure sports.

Rishikesh, since last few decades, has transformed as the top spiritual attraction and is also known as yoga capital of the world. It is located on the banks of sacred river Ganga, this place has been a downtown of Sadhus and there are many ashrams teaching yoga, spirituality, Ayurveda, and meditation practices. There has been an increase in the number of coffeehouses and eateries in the city serving English and Italian food and beverages. However, in the past few decades, Rishikesh has also become popular for Adventure Sports in India as there are many options for adventure sports including Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, Mountain Biking, and Rishikesh rafting also knows as white water rafting etc. It also operates as the link to many Himalayan trips and is also a famous camping place. Rishikesh is there the land of adventure sports which includes Rishikesh rafting, bungee jumping, and other sports and is also the land of spirituality or “the world capital of yoga”.

Places to visit in Rishikesh

a. Triveni Ghat :

Located on the riverbanks of the sacred Ganges, visiting Triveni Ghat is a ritual for pilgrims to wash away all their sins by immersing themselves in the sacred waters. A meeting of three essential sacred rivers- Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati the Triveni Ghat is a renowned bathing point in Rishikesh.

The marketplace in Triveni Ghat has a wide variety of jewel, precious and semi-precious stones, clothes, puja goods, CDs, tapes, and novelties. Kullu topis, Nehru jackets, salwar kameez, kurtas, jewelry and other accessories in the market of Triveni Ghat. There are some shops selling marvelously made idols of nearly all Hindu god, rudraksha beads, picture and spiritual records.

b. Laxman Jhula :

The Laxman Jhula is a famous suspended bridge located 70 feet higher up the River Ganges and 450 feet stretch. The bridge links two villages, intersecting the river from west to east, Tapovan, and Jonk.

Lakshman Jhula acts as a connected bridge through River Ganga, across the old road to the holy shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath. The structure of several grand temples around the Jhula has made Laxman jhula, the most traveled locations in Rishikesh.

c. Rishikesh Rafting :

Rishikesh rafting particularly is one of the most awesome things to do, one could enjoy the adventure in India to the fullest. From the brilliant spontaneous fortune to the top skilled guidance, the place has just the finest to provide. There are few qualified instructors, who put safety and precaution well, and there are personalized schemes for tenting/camping and whitewater rafting at Rishikesh. All the necessities like food, water, and clicking pictures are taken care by the operators which allow you a stress-free outing to enjoy with yourselves and your loved ones and if you want to take care of yourselves and get all your stuff along, you can do that as well. Rishikesh is very crowded for rafting during the peak season.

d. Other adventure activities :

Rishikesh is a superb place for white water rafting. additional adventure endeavors consist bungee jumping, mountain biking, and even canyoning. Still, the price and accessibility vary from one time of the year to another.

Hotels in Rishikesh

Hotels and resorts are purchasable for rent at different prices depending upon the luxury and season timings. Bookings of hotels and resorts should be done in advance.

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(Delhi to Mussoorie)

Mussoorie is known as a queen of hill stations, located at a height of 6000 ft from the ground. , Mussoorie is a famous for its colonialism culture and its sacred places.

primarily an elude for the British people from the unbearable warmth in the steppes, Mussoorie has gained popularity as hill-station to offer you an escape from the cycle of events encompassing the beautiful vista and luxuriant green vegetation. The Mall is the midpoint of Mussoorie with its two finish points- Picture and Library Palace spread across the Mall. In Mussoorie, you will witness nature with ravishing waterfalls and scenic beauty as well as the archeological wonder of colonization frameworks.

Places to visit in Mussoorie :

a. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is situated on the top most mountains of Mussoorie. It is popular among the tourists who desire to see the huge panorama of mountainous paths. Badrinath, Baderpunch, Kedarnath and several exquisite locations can be discovered using binoculars from Lal Tibba.

It is situated in the Depot Hill on landour area. In the shape of a small balcony, it imparts you to click pictures with your loved ones creating great memories with the attractive sight of Tibet borderline. The place is quiet and has exists of British infrastructure. It brings the blueish sky and lavish greenish terrains together and easily visible to our eyes.

b. Lake Mist

The location is perfect for utilizing the best time with loved ones. The pristine lake is one of the most splendid tourism spots in the Mussoorie hill station. The emerald lake water is splattered by green lush fields from borders making the entire place a splendid beauty.

It crosses along the Kempty Falls. You will surely feel great when you spend time with the tranquility of nature's blissfulness. It is one of the most beautiful places in Mussoorie to witness. An additional point to be noted is that this place is rarely crowded, thus you can relish the peace in the beauty of nature. It is the most attractive place to witness in Mussoorie.

c. Paragliding and Trekking

If you are an adventure sports enthusiast then paragliding is the sport you definitely want to try. If you are up for some trekking activities still you can opt for Mussoorie tour has some wide varieties of trekking opportunities just for you.

Hotels in Mussoorie

Several hotels and resorts are obtainable at Mussoorie. But pre-booking is mandatory to avoid chaos at the last moments. Hotels in Mussoorie are comfortable and cozy designed specially to give a home like feeling.

Some of the famous hotels in Mussoorie are :

  • Jaypee Residency Manor

  • welcome hotel, the Savoy

  • Libert manor

  • Fortune resort grace

If you are planning a weekend getaway from Delhi to Mussoorie, then car rental is probably one of the best ways to get there and it will also be the cheapest mode of transportation depending on the number of people and your budget. But if you want to avail some special offers on car rentals then HireMeCar brings you some super saver deals so that you can save huge on your trip from Delhi to Mussoorie.


(Delhi to chandigarh)

Chandigarh is an elusive and perfect example of the phrase 'city'. In a heritage that comprises the instance of Punjab as well as a stylish strategy to colonization and city planning, Chandigarh is a beautiful town representing a morning dream with a calm and serene environment which will surely flatter you with its friendliness.

This trip is good for people seeking for a break and enjoyable weekend. It is one of best places for long drives and most highways are filled with Dhabas that you surely don't want to miss.

Hotels in Chandigarh

Offers cheap budget as well as some of the ideal luxury hotels.From resorts to villas, from motels to guest houses, the city has it all.

Some of the famous hotels include :

Taj Chandigarh

Hotel city plaza 17

Welcome hotel Bella Vista, Panchkula Chandigarh

Some best places to visit if you are up for Chandigarh sightseeing :

a. Rose garden

If you are nature enthusiast then rose garden is the perfect place for you visit as it one of the most popular tourist's destinations in Chandigarh. This garden also has 32500 varieties of medicinal plants which also makes it a reason for being the best places to visit for Chandigarh sightseeing. Neatly cultivated in a lawful way by professional gardeners, the garden is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunset. The garden is also a sight to admire when the flowers are in their full blossom.

b. Sukhna Lake

Located on the hillsides of Shivaliks, Sukhna Lake is a ravishing lake set in the midst of the beautiful surroundings. Extremely popular among the natives and tourists, this place is perfect for people seeking peace and has a beautiful lake view

c. Fun City

Located on an extent of 43 acres, this water amusement park in Ramgarh is the largest in North India. It features one huge swimming pool, three landing pools and a wave pool, a bunch of water slides of several form and sizes, which gives a marvelous joyride for the water ride lovers.

Other popular attention grabbers are the lazy river ride, splash pool, aqua dance, slides like the white multi lane, Typhoon tunnel, white slide, red dragon slide, runaway raft slide and pendulum slide.

If you are planning to visit Chandigarh then every time of the year is the best time for Chandigarh sightseeing and the best option to travel is car rentals services from Delhi to Chandigarh as that would be the cheapest and most adventurous way to enjoy this pleasant city.

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