By : Boban John

September 14th 2017

Must Visit Hill Stations Near Delhi

There are several hill station India, but the dilemma persists which one to choose. In a nation with over 20 mainstream mountains, selecting a hill station can be a very difficult decision. Here is a description of the two most popular hill stations in India which you should surely visit to get mesmerized by the splendor of the highest and beautiful scenery :

1. Nainital

( Delhi to Nainital)

Nainital tourism is one of the most beautiful and must visit Hill Station near Delhi which you will obviously celebrate because of the splendid Nainital lake, and tropical landscapes, surrounding is the incredible lovebird's paradise located in the foothills of Kumaon mountains with an atmosphere which is energizing and encompasses a delicate exoticness.

Gifted with its unique scenic Nainital lake, it is occupied by the huge Kumaon cliffs and is loaded with naturalistic heating fresh water fountain. Nainital is split up into two regions, Tallital and Mallital, with the river dividing district. Tallital is the south land lake, whereas, Mallital comprises of the northern upper reaches which receives snowfall. It is referred after Goddess Naina Devi also famous as the Lake city of Uttarakhand. This lovers garden situated in the Kumaon Hills is presumed to be blessed by Lord Shiva himself. Some Major attractions across Nainital are its hiking, horse-riding. boating, and, mountaineering etc.

Places to visit in Nainital

a. Eco-Cave Gardens

known for it's inter linked stony caves, dangling gardens and the melodic natural spring, the Eco Garden is made of half dozen small caves in the form of several animalistic forms. After sunset, you can discover the sight of the melodic natural spring with different audio video impact.

b. Nainital lake (Naini lake)

Nainital Lake operates as a leading Nainital tourism place for masses from all across the world. Located amongst the towns of Nainital, Nainital Lake is a ravishing natural fresh reservoir. The Nainital lake is one of the popular scenery of Kumaon region known as Sattal Lake, Bhimtal Lake, and the Naukuchiatal Lake. Surrounded by Naini Peak on North West, Tiffin Point on the South West and ice hanging downwards pinnacle on the north; the lake offers a stunning scenic beauty, particularly during sunrise and sunset. evergreen forests that encompass the hill top adds appeal to the naked splendor of the spot. You should definitely visit Naini Temple on the seashore of the Nainital lake.

Boating charges at Naini Lake :

Brilliantly multicolored yachts: INR 210 per hour

Boat drive across Nainital Boat Club: INR 350 per hour

Pedal sauce boat: INR 150 per hour

c. The Mall Road

The Mall Road is another prime focus for Nainital tourism, which flows in sync to the Naini Lake, bridging the two endings of the district, is the famous market, gourmet and socio-cultural focus of the marvel that is Nainital. either it is digging into some delicious food or for purchasing the finest local wool that is to be spotted, Mall road is the must visit for all the people up for Nainital tourism.

d. Snow-view Point

Three kilometers from Nainital, Snow View provide a euphoric and Imperial horizon of the Himalayas. There also dwells an old-time little local temple. You can book a cab or go for car rental services, taxi or trek to the hilly slopes to reach snow-view point.

Hotels in Nainital

There are many adventurous holiday resort and bonfire camps accessible on prior reservation. otherwise, traditional houses and cottages are also open for stays. Lodges, hotels, and motels are also available for stay.

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2. Shimla

(Delhi to Shimla)

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, certainly the highly famous hill station in the north part of India, known for its Mall Road, the Ridge, toy train etc. among couples and families.

Ideal for travelers who want to have a short and sweet vacation and savor the climate as the wintertime approach. Shimla tourism is highly famous amidst students, families, couples and excitement addicts.

There is a numeral of cafes, restaurants here from Dhabas, Bakeries, Local eating joints, as well as fine dining restaurants. Shimla has a wide number of eateries which provide varieties of delicacies like North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental etc. Amazingly one may not find a lot of spots in Shimla which serve the local Pahari food items because the cuisine has slightly switched to satisfy the requirements of the town's myriad travelers.

Places to visit in Shimla


Mall road


Toy train to Kalka

Jakhoo temple

These are some of the places that you should definitely check list in your to-do list and visit this year. These places will uplift peace and calm in your mind and also click pictures can create some extraordinary memories.

Hotels in Shimla

Shimla has numerous choices when it comes to staying facilities which can cost from cheap to luxury. There are many guest houses and other residential facilities open for travelers looking for a more home-like place to reside in. Shimla tourism provides one of the best services when it comes to tourists.

Some of the top hotels in Shimla are :

The Oberoi Cecil

Hotel Willow Banks

Toshall Royal View

There are much more depending on the budget but all hotels are designed to offer comfort to the travelers and give a warm and cozy environment.

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