By : Boban John

October 13th 2017

International Destinations to Visit During Diwali

Diwali is celebrated with sprightliness and excitement all over India with diyas and lightings everywhere. The festival of lights is an opportunity to meet your friends, families and relatives. The essence of Diwali is love and victory over hate and iniquity. The victory is celebrated in ways like preparing typical gastronomical dishes at home or going out on vacations in India or abroad. The festival doubles up the joy and merriment by adding some ravishing memories to your existence.

Diwali is celebrated all over India and travellers from around the globe visit India. But did you know that there are some countries abroad which celebrate Diwali in the same spirit as we Indian do in India? So, if you are planning an international trip this Diwali and don't want to miss out on the fun, then we got an awesome solution to your problem! This blog covers some international destinations where Diwali is celebrated with all grandeur and magnificence:

Singapore :

Diwali is celebrated with grandiose panache in Singapore. The streets are decorated with lightings and colorful flowers. All the stores and markets are glittered with celebratory vibes and is a declared national holiday in singapore. There are many Indian stores in singapore that fill the streets with Indian delicacies and desserts. Singapore is a splendiferous destination to visit during Diwali and the surprises of the city will certainly amaze you. Sentosa Island, Clarke Quay and Singapore zoo are some of the must visit places of Singapore.

Mauritius :

Mauritius is an Island Nation, famous for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The Island has numerous Hindu families residing who celebrate Diwali festival with glory and elegance. The fireworks can be seen on the skies which add to the beauty of the beaches and gathers people from around the globe. This festival is celebrated for over a week with rich forms of entertainment and is also declared as a national holiday. If you are planning a trip to mauritius this Diwali, also go for surfing and scuba diving to witness the vivid marine life.

Malaysia :

Malaysia is a place which celebrates all festivals and cultures alike with multi-religious people residing in every nook and corner of the city. Diwali is a national holiday and the small Indian city near Kuala Lumpur, is where maximal Diwali ceremonies are observed. Many Indian restaurants of Kuala Lumpur offers traditional Indian delicacies with sweets and snacks on Diwali. You must also visit the stunning beaches of Langkawi or the historical places in Penang.

Indonesia :

Indonesia celebrates Diwali with splendor and excitement, especially the region where the beautiful island, Bali is located. The population of Hindus in this region is not very large but the enormous feast, crackers, and hanging lantern is mesmerizing sight to admire.

Australia :

Australia celebrates Diwali as a grandiloquent festival with brilliant display of fireworks, live entertainment like traditional dance and cultural shows accompanied by theatre. Federation square at Melbourne is a must visit place during Diwali. Sydney and Melbourne are two places in Australia where the Indian population is in large number and Diwali is celebrated eloquently in every locality. Also, visit the Great Barrier Reef, the tropical rain forests and splendid beaches of Australia for a fabulous trip.

So, plan your International trip this Diwali to create some fantastic memories.

Happy Diwali !

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