By : Boban John

October 23rd 2017

Go Goa Destinations

Goa is an Indian tourist destination since ages and tourists from varied parts of the world come to goa to enjoy the long beautiful beaches, waterfalls, churches, flora and fauna species. There are unlimited places to explore in Goa. So, here is a list of few places to visit in Goa, so that you don't miss out on anything!

Palolem Beach

Palolem is one of the top beaches of south Goa. Tourists from around the globe come to this picturesque beach. Some of the top touristy attractions of this beach are sapphire sea with calm waves which renders serenity. Dolphins dancing in the sea are a great entertainment to watch. you can also opt in for some adventure with the boat trips. Just relax during the nights lying on the sand watching the sky and the moon to make your trip more awe-inspiring.

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly beach is heaven for beach lovers and a lesser known beach amongst tourists. This place is eternity with millions of multi-colored butterflies and wide form of aquatic life. You might have seen these kinds of places in animated movies but this place is real and existing in Goa. The place is little far away from palolem beach and is home for numerous butterflies, crabs and gold fish. This place has lot of attractions for tourists like lush green hills, exotoc species of butterflies, gold fishes, crabs and dolphins. You can also enjoy the most amazing view of sunset from this beach.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus is an ancient heritage situated in old Goa back in 1594. It is one of the most rated tourist destinations of India. Built around 450 years ago and is associated with beginning of christianity in India. The church’s structure depicts perfect examples of Baroque architecture with black granite exteriors and Mosaico-corinthian stylistic interiors. You can feel the sacred energy in or around the surroundings of the church. The church is a perfect example of Goan lifestyle - Simple yet flamboyant.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar, which implies sea of milk is situated near Madagaon. When viewed from a distance it appears like milk running from the top of hills to unify with the deep green sea. The perfect time to visit the falls would be during monsoons or right after monsoons when water flows rapidly. It is believed to be the highest waterfalls in India. You can book bike or a trek towards the waterfall will be worth the effort to enjoy the impeccable beauty of the waterfalls. The aisle becomes slippery during monsoons and strict precautions must be taken to avoid injury. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Devil’s canyon are nearby attractions to visit. Don’t miss the amazing Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Baga Beach

Want to taste a real glimpse of Goa, head over to Baga! Widely famous for it’s nightlife, where people from around the globe line up to party till morning. Mambos, Brittos and Titos are some of the famous night clubs you should visit. The are variety of water sport of activities to hook on to during the day. Sunrise and sunset are something which should be witnessed by every traveller on their visit. If you love solace then you can spend your day here and if you are a part animal then night time is your right time!

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