By : Boban John

October 6th 2017

Diwali Destination of India

Diwali also known as Festival of Lights, is one of the most popular festival of India. It is widely celebrated in almost every cities of the country. Tourists come from different parts of the world to witness the ceremony and enjoy the experience of this vibrant festival. Different places are decorated as per their culture, tradition and faith, and the entire nation is cheerful and in a gala mood of celebration. There are different places in this country to explore widely for travellers during this festival.

Below mentioned are 5 Diwali Destinations of India which should be visited by all the travellers during Diwali :

  • Kolkata :

Kolkata celebrates Diwali by worshiping Goddess Kali and Kali Puja is performed to mark the victory of good over evil. Diyas and candles can be seen everywhere in the city with grown up’s and children burning crackers in the same spirit of love and devotion. Beautiful Kali Puja pandals can be seen all across the city and temples along with beautiful lighting which makes the city more lively and glorious. Kolkata is a place to visit if you want to witness a different Diwali from all other cities. The place has many tourist destinations and a rich heritage to explore. Kolkata is a must visit this Diwali, be it with your friends, families or relatives, this place has something to offer for all tourists and is noted Diwali destination of India.

  • Chennai :

Chennai being the capital city of Tamil Nadu, has a totally different perspective of Diwali and is popularly known as Dhanteras. The local people here worships Lord Kubera, who is believed to be the divine treasurer. Offerings are made to his idol with dry dates, honey and jaggery. The Goddess of health is Dhanvantari, is also worshipped during this time. Crackers are burned to drive away evil spirits. This place is a must visit and surely a Diwali destination for all the tourists who wish to see the rites and rituals practiced in southern part of India.

  • Amritsar :

Diwali is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm in Amritsar and the rest of Punjab than any other place in the country. The city mostly includes some of the grand Diwali parties which will charge you up from head to toe. Travellers are mesmerised by the beauty of the famous Golden Temple during this festival. The temple is decorated with thousands of diyas stacked in a row that makes this Gurudwara shine brighter. Spectacular Fireworks can be seen in the sky during night when people burn crackers to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Amritsar is also a Diwali destination of India and must visit for all the travellers to witness the beauty and grand celebration of Diwali in Punjabi style.

  • Varanasi :

Varanasi is place where Diwali is celebrated for a week and is considered as one of the best places to visit during Diwali. The place is filled with travellers from different corners of the world. Dev Deepavali is the name of the festival in Varanasi i.e Diwali of the Gods. It is believed that Gods come from heaven to bathe in the Holy waters of the River Ganga during this time. The way of celebrating this festival has gained so much popularity amongst nomads from India and other countries. The festival depicts the faith and love for God when the entire people come together as congregation and worship at the banks of River Ganga. This place is a must Diwali destination of India be it with solo travelling or in groups.

  • Goa :

Goa is a popular tourist destination for parties and beaches which attracts tourist from different parts of the world. Diwali in Goa is popular and one of it’s kind and also attracts tourists from around the world. The main reason for it’s popularity is Narak Chaturdashi, in which every village burns huge effigies of Narakasura or the devil. Most interestingly, competitions are also held to see whose effigy is the huge and the most scariest. Goa is a must visit and a popular Diwali destination of India.

If you plan to visit any of these destinations this Diwali, just give us a call and we will make a perfect package for you. Because we love it when you create awesome memories with us.

Good luck.

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