By : Ankita Singh

March 13th 2019

A Heavenly Experience for Adventure Seekers

"Char Dham Yatra is more than a Tirth Yatra"
It's March and the internet is flooded with Char Dham Tour Packages. Even if I am not a very spiritual person, yet I have learnt by heart the Char Dham Itinerary, its destinations and its route. Almost all the Indian tour agents, car rental service providers and hotel booking agents are promoting this divine tour. Earlier I had an impression that the tirth yatra is a good choice for old age people who have lived their anticipated life and are now following the path to God in order to attain salvation, Moksha. But my view on the spiritual journey really changed after I researched on the four Dhams and discovered a few en route destinations. Yes, now I am certain, this Indian spiritual tour to attain inner peace is ideal for people of ages and especially for the young adults of the contemporary world who are so busy in making a living that they have forgotten to live.

A Lifetime Yatra Beyond Visiting the Temples
Each of the four destinations of Char Dham is a paradise on earth. Located on the sky-kissing peaks of Himalayas, it takes a number of days to complete the journey. The cascading treks of Himalayas, hot water springs, verdant meadows and views of snow-clad mountain peaks makes the Char Dham Yatra an ideal tour for adventure lovers too. Besides discovering the holy abodes, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath, and paying homage to the Gods, the travel enthusiasts would enjoy river rafting in Rishikesh, hiking the Himalayan trails that remain inaccessible during the winters, and practicing yoga and meditation.

A visit to Valley of Flowers while on Char Dham Yatra makes the blissful journey more enthralling. The trek from Ghangaria to the Valley of Flowers is a 4-km stretch. The uphill trails and the dense forests take you to the heaven of earth, where beauty is beyond imagination. Soak in the spectacular panorama of floral pastures and scenic streams with lush mountains and snow-draped peaks in the backdrop.

Author Bio: R Dave: I'm a daydreamer and prefer to live rather than making a living. Following the norms and leading an ordinary life have never excited me. My insatiable desire for adventure didn't let me settle down in the corporate world. I am happy to be a traveler seeking pleasure in exploring new places, interacting with people and discovering different cultures. I actually believe Life is a Journey.

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