By : Ankita Singh

January 12th 2018

10 Cool Gifts Ideas For Travel Lovers

Gift idea for travel loves

Worried what gifts do you get for the travel lover in your list other than tickets or travel/tour packages? Well, if you have a friend who loves to travel he/she might have all the travel essentials like camera,backpack selfie stick etc. We've got a handful of gifts listed for every type of traveler on your list like adventure lover, frequent traveller, thrill seeker and many more. Put your heads down and check them out.

  1. Multitasking charger : If you love to travel and fed up of carrying different chargers for your devices, then multitasking charger is the best option for you to choose. Create a backup of your personal data of your phone every time you charge. Compare the price and get the best one.

  2. Travel pillow : Travel pillows are easy to carry and comfortable while travelling. Sound sleep is essential while you travel and so travel pillow does the same. Gift your friends this pillow to give them trouble free travelling experience.

  3. Carry-On Luggage : This suitcase can charge smartphones up to four times and can be tracked via Bluetooth to avoid baggage claim confusion.

  4. Health Gadgets for fitness travellers : Travelling doesn’t have to be difficult. Health must be the topmost priority for everyone. So, you can gift them health gadgets which they can carry along while travelling.

  5. Travel Journal : For your friend who loves to pen down his/her journey or travelling experience, travel journal is best gift to give. Blank pages are waiting to be filled by the travel lover.

  6. Waterproof bag : Everyone has a backpack but it is essential to carry a water resistant luggage bag to avoid any clumsiness. Shop online at best price with wide range of options available to choose from.

  7. Folding Pocket Knife : Multifunctional pocket knife which includes small blades, small and large screwdrivers, can/bottle opener, corkscrew, keyring, tweezers, toothpick, tag clamp, pliers with wire cutter, fish scaler with hook etc. that can be beneficial at any point of time.Some even comes with flash that could be more convenient.

  8. Luggage tag : Many people forget about the tags and opt for paper tags in hurry scribbling their details. This luggage tag makes instantly recognizable giving stylish touch to your suitcase, bag, or backpack. You can even personalize them giving classy touch to your suitcase or backpack.

  9. Travel Books : Books comes first in mind for people who love to read while travelling. Gift them couple of good books as they are the best companion perfect for both solo or in groups.

  10. Portable Travel Irons : Perfectly designed for travelling purpose it is compact and easy to carry. This portable iron is the best gift to give as it gives the same results as regular iron does removing all crease.

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