By : Garima Pandey

March 1st 2018

10 Best Places to Celebrate Holi In India

Holi celebration in India

Falling on a full moon evening in the month of Phalguna, Holi is a celebration that starts on an evening and extends to the next day. Holi, being the festival of colours is symbolic to the new beginning and, marks the entry of Spring that brings in joy, festivity and fertility.

It showcases the philosophy of Nature and Life, as how everything that once lay cold, withered and lifeless blooms into something warm, bright, vernal and full of life!

Holi is best enjoyed by visiting different places and allowing the warmth, and vibrant colours to seep in through your skin, enhancing your deeper within. Here are some of the best places to visit this Holi!

1. Vrindavan

This legendary place holds a bewitching tale of the love between Radha and Krishna as they enjoyed throwing colours made of turmeric and scented flowers at each other to depict the various colours that represent their relation.

Book a taxi service in Vrindavan and be a witness to this festival that’s celebrated at the famous Bankar Bihari Temple with much pomp and fervour!

2. Delhi

If you want to socialise and have a fun-filled Holi, Delhi’s Holi-Cow is the perfect place to be. With some talented artists, the show promises to be a great entertainment.

3. Hampi

Holi may not be as popular in the South as in the North but, nonetheless there is a place to go if you are headed towards the south or stay nearby. Hampi of Karnataka is not just a beautiful city of ruins but also a sight to behold during Holi.

4. Varanasi

Varanasi’s Rangbhari Shiva playing colours with Parvati is an auspicious occasion. Taxi services in Varanasi provides an affordable opportunity to safely enjoy this festival.

5. Goa

Want to celebrate Holi in a different way amidst the vast shore of the Arabian Sea surrounded by an energetic crowd? There is no better place than Goa. Take a cab in Goa and party away to glory this Holi!

6. Shantiniketan

Adding more meaning to the festival of colours is the Shantiniketan where the celebrations are harmonious.

7. Manipur

The Yaoshang Festival at Manipur is a week-long celebration that marks the festivity uproar in Manipur. Take a cab to Manipur and enjoy the grand processions!

8. Punjab

The Holla Mohalla by the Sikhs is an exemplary example of warrior-ness and braveness along with the colours.9.

9. Mathura

Lathmar Holi of Mathura is as amusing and playful as the colour ones. The tradition here includes the wives beating up their husbands with a stick. Take a taxi in Mathura and enjoy this unique Holi celebration!

10. Udaipur

Want to witness Holi in the most sophisticated manner? Udaipur’s Royal Holi with bonfires lit up will surely leave you with a memorable feel.

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